So you're running merrily along in your soloing build, you've found your capital city (or the College for the Guardian Mages) and quested out your 8 PVE souls and followed the quest lines far enough that you're now being sent into the Realm of the Fae or into the Iron Tombs. Since your solo build isn't necessarily what you want to go with in a dungeon and you've bought at least Role #2, what do you swap to when you go in to fill a needed role in your group?

Put another way. . . There is still a definite mindset that "warrior = tank, cleric = healer, rogue = physcical dps, mage = spell dps." But since that's not necessarily the case in Rift, I'm trying to make this a clearinghouse thread for "cross-archetype" builds that will be successful. Maybe if enough people see this it will stop people in chat asking for "Warrior needed" or "Cleric needed" when what they mean to say is "Tank needed" or "Healer needed."

I am limiting the scope of this to the late teens, since that's where the builds seem to come into their own and also because that's about the level of the 1st dungeon you go to where you might need to break out of your solo spec and go "cross-archetype" in order to get into a group. I'm also only looking at the supposed trinity of tank/healer/dps, not worrying about support and CC, since I don't want this to be too long as an initial post.

For the following I'm going to assume level 18 and an 18/6/0 point split. I don't know all the various options yet, and perhaps an 18/4/2 split or 16/6/2 or whatever might be better on some cases. For those, please add them in your replies and I can add them to this post in edits.

I'm just putting in a few base builds, not trying to do all possible combos, so if you have something you like better, post it with a brief explanation as to why it works well and I'll add it.

Obviously, where to put the points is open to debate, but these are what seemed to make sense to me based somewhat on experience in game, but admitteldy a bit of theorycrafting from the ability descriptions in the planner.

Tank --

Cleric: Justicar/Shaman/Purifier
Rogue: Riftstalker/Bladedancer/Bard

In the builds linked, I put Purifier as the 3rd cleric soul because I like the 0-point ward you get as a bit of a damage buffer for when tanking, but YMMV. I'm not very familiar with Rogues, so I just put the points where they sounded "tankiest" in the planner, with the bard's 20m range thing being an opener to pull in mobs and build combo points while the mob is running at you so you can throw a finsher as it arrives in melee range.

Healer --

Mage: Chloromancer/Warlock/Dominator

I've seen the arguments for Archon being better as a secondary soul in the late game and I do find them compelling. However, in the low levels, the mana regen from the Warlock is simply too valuable to give up, imo. I put dominator 3rd for the squirrel. A mezzed mob isn't doing damage, after all, so arguably it's "healing by preventing damage."

DPS --

Warrior: Champion/Paragon/Riftblade
Cleric: Inquisitor/Sentinel/Cabalist for spell damage
Shaman/Druid/Whatever for Melee

For these 3, I went under the assumption that someone else has aggro so just went for pure putting out the hurt. Well, except the melee cleric becuz Justicar as 3rd soul doesn't give anything so I put in warden for the minor utility of the instant cast spell and the HoT instead. No defenses, just moar dps! Obviously there are more warrior dps combos as well -- Paragon primary, Riftblade, etc.

So there you have it -- fix my bad parts in these builds and make your own and let's see if we can't help out all the new people who are overwhelmed by the choices all the souls present to them!