Iíve been gladiator on 6 different classes and Iíve enjoyed playing a good variety of classes through every mmo Iíve played. The character system in Rift is what sold me on it, however, there are a couple problems Iím noticing and Iíd like to know what you guys think (preferably people 35+) and Iíd also like to see what the devs have to say about it because I believe I have reason for concern.

I decided to put together some high resolution game footage as Iím currently laid off from work and I have 20TB worth of storage to mess around with so I captured about 3TB of gameplay and hereís what I found after trying to highlight every class in pvp.

My argument: Warriors and rogues are putting up more DPS from ranged than they are in melee. This fact combined with the number of CCís on a VERY low cooldown make for a very unpleasant experience when trying to playing Rift as a purely melee rogue or warrior in comparison to their ranged counterpart.

Iím going to try to keep this as short as possibleÖ

1. The damage of my warrior when specced to do damage from ranged is ~450-500 dps. Champion/Vindicator specced vs a player is less than 300. Even if Iím on my target 100% of the time I do less damage in melee range on my melee specced warrior than my riftblade does damage at 20 yards which I believe to be a problem. I donít mind having to work to stay on my target, but if I can do MORE damage from 20 yards away while running and jumping around like a ****** than stuck on a stationary target whoís afk then the choice is pretty simple.

2. This problem is true in PvE as well. When leveling I can charge in and tank the mob (taking damage) or I can do more damage and kite it and take zero damage. Choice is simple.

3. Many classes can permanently snare and some classes like saboteur with 0 points invested can AE snare a target for 8 seconds every 15 seconds which wouldnít be an issue if the damage output on the melee classes was reasonable enough to compensate for how easily they are peeled. For every one second I am snared and out of range of my target I could have done at least 450 damage from ranged sitting safely by the healers.
I realize that I can grip as warlord, shadowstep as vk, charge as champion, but it simply doesnít matter when my damage is lower even if you take out the fact that Iím constantly being snared by ground target snares.

4. My rogue does great damage when I'm melee on a target. My assassin can kill people extremely quick, however, I can kill them quicker from ranged with zero risk. I'm not saying melee assassins are bad, however, the risk vs reward is a little off. I see no reason to be melee ranged so that I can be focused down by 5 guys when i can sit at 35 yards and put up bigger numbers and never die.

The difficulty of sticking on a target that is being dispelled while you yourself is being ccíd is MUCH higher than running in circles ramming 3 keys over and over and Iím confused why the damage is so skewed between the classes.