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Thread: Debuff/Dot Mage Build

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    Default Debuff/Dot Mage Build

    So, I just started RIFT and figured mage would be some fun. After messing around I think i got a little bit of a hand on the whole 3 soul thing, IE dont grab 3 pure dps souls. One thing i love is massive DOT stacking so i grabbed the warlock and necromancer souls but nothing really seems to fit well into the third soul since i hit level 20. Archon was my 3rd and it has some nice dots and the buffs are nice but since level 20 with my main focus in necromancer, there seems to be too many dots from just necromancer and warlock to support any more in the dot flood. Any thoughts/possible soltions for the 3rd souls?

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    Dominator for Squirrel
    Chloromancer for Radient Spores

    Both 0 Pt Abilities

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