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Thread: [Rogue] My Builds [Marks]

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    Default [Rogue] My Builds [Marks]

    So this build is a pvp based build with the focus of having Stealth, at least retreat in the marks tree, and having opportunity/ Doubleshot 3/5 (unless someone can suggest taking out 1 point for 5/5).


    Two things I want:

    1) Please critique my build and give me suggestions!

    2) What do you think about going deep marks for Snipers Pedestal with the new changes?
    * Marksman's Pedestal: Damage bonus has been reduced to 5% from 15%.
    * Sniper's Pedestal - New Ability: 51 point root ability. Increases damage with Ranged Weapons by 25%. Improved version of Marksman's Pedestal.

    Source: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...-Notes-2-14-11
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    1.) Sniper's Pedestal should only be invested for PvE. Unless you plan on fighting in some huge battle where the chances of you dying are slim, don't invest in it

    2.) Not a fan of doubleshot. You shouldn't be settling for auto attacking at all. It's possible to keep spamming Swift and Quick shot anyway.

    3.) Close Quarters is a must for PvP

    4. ) Not a fan of Sharpshooter. Should only apply when facing other rogues with dodge, and there's a low chance of that happening. Also not worth the paltry 3%.

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