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Thread: Melee PvE vs Ranged PvE (dps)

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    Default Melee PvE vs Ranged PvE (dps)

    in your experience what melee dps is really shining right now, which one has utility.

    same for ranged (including casters)

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    I'm only level 25 but have run Realm of the Fae alot and my build is

    full paragon/champ/riftblade.

    I don't think I have any points in riftblade or just a couple but the DOT finisher for when my other finishers are on CD+the riftblade buff are nice. I duel wield with this spec and I notice my dps seems to be pretty nasty. I tested it by seeing how long it takes me to down that rogue trash mob while the team is focusing another (inb4 QQ about bad dungeon dps strategy, it was trash) and I also noticed that if I died, the fight was much harder rather than if some of the other dpsers died.

    It's hard to tell without meters and I havn't bothered to parse my info yet (I will at release) but I feel duelwielding paragon is gonna be a strong pve dps role.
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    my guild runs parsers in dungeons to keep track of the numbers for the purpose of theory crafting.

    to keep it short. rogues are the best dps by far. sab, assasin, and marksman so far are the 3 souls (not in combination, but each one heavy)
    that do the most damage. my champion heavy build seems to stack up with any cleric build at about 60% the dps of the rogue souls. only mages we have regularly are chloro/warlock, which have decent dps and hps. i know pyros are amazing, but hard to hold aggro with a pyro heavy mage.
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