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Thread: Inquisitor/Justicar Build. Need Opinions

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    Focus on having fun than a hard-to-kill toon. Plus since you don't know the other classes, really, you might not be as strong as you think.

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    Why not a Just/Shaman build? Two melee driven cleric souls. Both have bonus to crit/dmg/str/2h weap and so on. I agree with the poster
    The problem I see is that the Inquisitor mostlys is a caster it stands back and nukes/heals. The Justicar is a melee/healer in need to stand up frount to wack on the enemys to use its ablity. So the two sould use difrent states on there equpment. The Justacar will want STR CON +melee dammage mbay DEX. the Inquisitor will want INT SPI CHA? +mana + spell effect.

    I am sure you can get eqipment with each set of stats but probbly not with both. so one soul or the outher will be under geard. I thing mixing melee with melee and caster with caster will yeald better over all results.
    Try pairing up souls that are driven to the same main goal? Just my opinion on it. I didn't get to play long in the Beta, so my information is still low.

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