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Thread: Which caster to roll?

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    Default Which caster to roll?

    I'm torn trying to choose between a Mage and a Cleric. Basically I want a character that is able to DPS and support my friend's Warrior who I'll be playing with a lot. Both of the classes seem to be able to do this with souls dedicated to damage and healing. I'm kind of leaning towards the cleric for better self sufficiency for soloing stuff when needed. Then again, from what I can gather from the soul trees, a Chloro seems to be able to be a succesful DPS and healer at the same time.

    Is there any reason to pick one over the other or is it just purely a question of preference?

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    I can't tell you what to roll for release because classes are still being balanced out.
    But from what we currently have, if you want to still dps, roll a mage.
    Cleric dps atm is awful compared to all of the other classes. If you want to only heal
    then play a cleric. But you can play a chloro as a mage and still dps more while still healing.

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