Here's the thing if you want to rely on Necromancer then you first have to accept that your pet will be responsible for 70 percent of your damage output. This is not a bad thing just a different way to play.

So if you consider that the pet is the main source of the damage your dealing then if you are going to be a necromancer then you need to answer some questions to yourself.

Am I in a group situation where I feel safe? If not then Warlock will add to your survivability by a bunch. However the Necromancer recieves a mage pet that can stand back with them and if you are paying attention neither of you should have to worry about healing, or finding ways to reduce damage dealt to you.

I have theory crafted the best necromancer boss fight build IMO.

1. The purest build.

I also input chloromancer over the dominator this is a personal choice as I think the spores are fun to have.

This build will ensure that your pet is in fact your WEAPON. Going 51/15/0

Why 51 in Necromancer this seems to lack creativity? Not Necessarily as the lack of cap on Life Bane makes this build seem ridiculously over powered, considering it will add 102 percent additional damage to all undead pets.

Now if we "hope" that empty the crypts is fixed, instant cast please, or allow us to cast Exhume before hand! This adds 5 shamblers to increase your damage output.

Also consider the Mass Grave 51 point ability given in the necromancer soul, allowing you to cast an additional rogue and mage pet for 30 seconds. While I realize this is a 5 minute cool down and that seems too large, consider the following boss fight situation.

1. Cast PB with 5 points into it, gives you 2 stacks of DC. Cast Grave Rot, Necrosis, Looming Demise, additional dots giving the tank time to build his aggro "HE IS GOING TO NEED IT" Now it's time to bring the pain, grave rot again DC is about to be used. Enter Lich Form, add damage to yourself and 30 percent to your Undead Pets. Cast Mass Grave here comes your additional Rogue and Mage pet. Empty the crypts you now have 8 Undead pets attacking the boss all receiving 30 percent from lich form and 102 percent from life bane 8 pets attacking for 132 percent increased damage for 30 seconds.

I can't imagine any dungeon boss scenario in which the 5 percent crit damage or 20 percent additional spell damage via warlock soul could bring a warlock or necromancer spec to do more damage. In a raid this might be usable twice.

Also let us not forget that you can switch specs at anytime building a better AoE Garbage build to use until you reach a boss. Then simply switch for the fight.