Soo as i'm sure everyone's aware there are a couple of missing classes from the classes page. Now i don't know about you guys but i'm extremely tired of reading all these nerf this class and nerf that class threads. Lets do something fun like making up the missing class descriptions ourselves. Soo there are no real rules to this...contribute what u can where you can, a history for the beast master for example or the strengths and weaknesses of the bard. Or if you want you could even re-do some of the ones already on the page, i'm not particularly fond of the ranger about disappointment.

The classes page helped me out a lot when i first started the game 2 betas ago. So maybe this thread could help a couple others down the line. Or whatever i dont know i just know i rather read something other then the limited amount of topics to choose from..nerf nerf nerf. I swear if you search nerf all the treads would jus reappear as results. So give it a try..if any of the descriptions turn out half as good as the official rift ones i'll be happy. oh and excuse my grammar i'm still young and ignorant to the ways of correct spelling.