Put simply in Vanguard there were a few mobs/bosses that put out a debuff that reduced the attack range of anything it hit (from heal to range etc) and forced you to come closer to the mob.. (one such mob was the boss in Nusibe Necropolis for the flying mount quest)

Are there any such debuffs available to players? I looked through the soul trees but I'm most familiar with the cleric soul trees and really didn't see any (but i may have glossed over them)

Would be nice to see some anti-ranged abilities for pvp (and they make for some interesting pve mechanics as well)

Note these kind of debuffs modify both range/melee and spell distance.. So its not only anti-ranged.. Its also anti-healing if you cast it on the healer because it forces the healer to come closer to the target they wish to heal...