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with the exception of the 1 poster who tried to help, Ill never understand ppl like the other 3. I used a sith inquisitor to give a feel to what I like to play, and was looking for some guidance on how to build that concept in this games class/ soul system.

lolz, and i lold is really pointless, if you think Im stupid for using a base of refrence to help people picture what I am looking for just ignore my post and troll someone else, I thought it would make it easier.

again, I wanted to know if a solid ranged (electrical preferred but ranged dps is fine) along with decent melee dps and some cc is something I can build in this game. I dont expect to have a lightsaber....
Well you could probably have avoided this by posting in a role playing section of the forums, which is where it actually belongs. If there isnt a role playing section ignore what I just said, but that type of reaction shouldnt surprise you.