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Thread: 51 Point Talents

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    Default 51 Point Talents

    I dont see what all the fuss about Trion changing a bunch of the talent abiliities.

    I understand that you all keep saying that they are forcing you to take 51 points in a particular tree, or you dont like the way Trion is going wit this.

    I do not see how this is forcing you to take 51 points. I do see if you want certain abilities from a tree you should invest in that tree. You should not get the really good stuff by only putting 20ish or even 30ish points into it. It should be an investment.

    Sure you can still mix and match, and still be viable, but someone that puts more points into one tree, should get alot more than the people that just dabbles in it.

    When you build your character, you should have a MAIN idea/soul and then all the other souls should compliment that one idea/soul.

    Your not going to just take all the DPS souls, and WTF pwn people. Nor should you. You should have to invest in what you want to do. Not be a DPS of all trades. Because usually a Jack of all Trades is a Master of NONE.
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