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Thread: Group vs Group > Solo pvp

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    Default Group vs Group > Solo pvp

    hence why the classes can seem unbalanced from time to time.

    it is impossible to balance both aspects at the same time. given that this is a MMO, i think group dynamics should be favored when considering the balance of the classes.

    therefore....stop running to the forums to complain that a single member of a certain class tooled you build. healing vs stealth vs tanking vs glass cannoning are not directly comparable. we dont play MMO's just to have random 1v1 duels, so why should the mechanics in any way be designed for such?

    learn what your class is FOR, and you will discover a whole new wonderful world of power, beyond who can drop who the fastest when all else is equal. strategy and coordination is a far more elegant mode of combat than simply standing still and hoping your preset numbers are higher than those of your single enemy's.
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