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Thread: Melee damage class

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    Default Melee damage class

    Hey, i'm trying to decide which calling/class i'm gonna go with. I've narrowed it down to being a melee damage/dps:er. The paragon warrior appeals to make cause of their dual wield but how well will they be able to compete with melee rogue? What diffirences in playstyle will there be between a paragon warrior and a bladedancer rogue? Which of these will ditch out the best damage? Can anyone make a qualified guess or am i a month or so too early?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Paragon is very powerful and also tough, due to plate and high parry. If you spend a few points on + parry, you will see him survive fights against 3 guys at 70%+ health.

    My main is a BD, which is somewhat similar to Paragon. It's tough to tell which one does more damage, so at this stage I'd say they're even. I find Paragon boring for some reason, though, and I also think he looks weird in full plate dual-wielding. I think that Arthurian knight look should be just for Paladins. Anyway, I like the BD reactives better, and they have been buffing the soul, so it's tough not to like that. If they make a few changes next week, BD will be my main, especially since I also like NB.

    There is one *big* problem with BD that has not been addressed: Since so many of his abilities are related to him dodging/parrying, he will have issues in dungeons. Yes, you can spec him so that he has a minimum number of reactives, but then, in my view, he's not a BD anymore.

    It's tough to understand this without having played one, but in WoW terms, the BD is like a reverse Assassin--the Assassin is built to do his damage while standing behind his targets, while the BD is designed to do his damage while standing before his targets, while he is their target.

    Sounds like a tank, right? Well BD isn't a tank, and therein lies the problem. People are already calling BD the RS (Rogue tank) "support soul."

    That's not what he's supposed to be: he's a dps Rogue... but only when he's questing.

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