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Thread: Very Torn Between Mage and Rogue

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    Default Very Torn Between Mage and Rogue

    As the title says, I am torn between rolling a Mage and a Rogue.

    Let me start by saying I almost always play a healer in MMOs and the Cleric class just didn't appeal to me (quite unfortunate actually, because I like the idea of being able to heal, DPS and tank within one class)

    I absolutely love Mage. Chloromancer, Warlock, Necromancer and Dominator are all awesome (I'm sure the others are good too). I was absolutely certain I was going to play a Mage.

    However, in Beta 6 I decided to play Rogue just to see what Bard was like. I was very impressed. I love the play style of the Bard. It's not quite a healer but it's close enough! I also like that Rogues have some great PVP and DPS souls and of course the unusual tank soul!

    I have played Mage a lot more but rolling the Bard last beta really threw a spanner in the works for me. Can anyone give me some insight into what they think of Rogue on the whole?

    I'm going to play Cleric in the next stage, hopefully it grows on me because it's the obvious choice for me as a healer-at-heart. But for now, I seem to be most fond of Mage and Rogue!

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    If you want to main heal and like the idea of a mage, roll a mage.

    If you like to support heal, roll bard. Bards do have heals, but they aren't going to be main-healing groups.
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    Imo try cleric this next beta, try all the builds and see how you feel about them.
    Ill give you a quick run down:

    Purifier - Very powerful single target healing and the ability to shield, multiple cooldowns that add to your shielding and healing capabilities

    Warden - Many HoTs, effective spam healing (Talent that encourages spam healing by giving wisdom) very powerful single target heal if the target has multiple HoTs on them. (my personal favourite cleric healer)

    Sentinel - More of a hybrid build, has multiple damage abilities and healing abilities combined, some powerful instant cast spells for Aoe and single target, i would venture this is more of a pvp oriented healing build (judging from the silence ability etc)

    Thats my two cents, but as i said, i suggest you try the cleric healing builds next beta (the problem with cleric is the dps builds are currently lackluster, however i have been able to enjoy Inquisitor in pvp) - but the current state of a class in BETA is no reason to influence your choice during live.

    TL;DR - Try cleric

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