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Thread: What should I roll?

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    Default What should I roll?

    Hello everyone I have only recently been revealed to this game and have not yet been able to play the beta (although I am looking forward to the open beta on the 15th). I am looking for a few people who have played the game before to share their opinions of what class might suit me. I am team player and I enjoy always being in need, however I do not enjoy being a healer. I have played WoW for several years and I am an above average player, and being such I like to play a class that is the back-bone/main player of strategies. What role should I take (not a healer) that is needed by most groups?

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    Play the classes in open beta, decide for yourself what you want to play for the release.

    But I will help. You can have melee rogue, ranged, Bard for support heals, and tank rogue all in 1 character... Can change them with the press of a button.

    You want to do melee damage with the possibility of tanking? Warrior
    You want to do melee damage with the possibility to heal? Cleric
    Want to do ranged damage or melee with the possibility to tank and have a decent support/healer? Rogue
    Want to cast spells for damage or support the group with buffs/debuffs and CC while also having the ability to heal? Mage

    You state that you don't want a healer. So warrior. You have the ability in Rift to have 4 roles with 3 souls each. If you roll a Cleric with the intention of only being DPS and refuse to branch out, you will be left behind for others that will. That is the nature of the game. Versatility.

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