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Thread: Every single build posted ever sucks if it's not yours

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    Default Every single build posted ever sucks if it's not yours

    Dear general forum troll who dismisses every single soul-build, strategy or idea,

    Yes, we get it. Every single build posted ever sucks if it's not yours. We see how anything we post regarding pvp can be dismissed under the notion that 'against a good pre-made' there are countless measures that can be taken to counter someone's build. We get that against a highly-tuned, perfectly operating pre-made (because those really do exist, right? lol!) any build we post will be decimated. We understand that if our build is CCed, it will in fact be CCed. How if our build is focus-fired, it will in fact be taking heavy damage. We really have taken into account our calling will cast spells and can be silenced (no really, most of us have considered these things). We mucho comprehendo that some day when the pvp is perfect and all of our opponents are robots with lightning fast reflexes that always pick the exact perfect measures to counter us and only us every single fight, that our builds will be rendered useless.

    We also understand that this is a whole lot of what if's, that pvp is rarely perfect, all callings/souls have draw-backs, and that every soul-build can be dismissed under these same arguments (except your preferred pvp build, of course!). We're also starting to wonder why, by your logic, any of us should ever bother logging into the game again. There are just so many what if's and on paper it's so easy to lose a fight before it's even started..... Oh geez, what should we do? I guess you're right, big, bad forum troll, all of our builds are crap, so maybe we'll all quit and when you log in next you'll be crowned king of the peeveepee and win by default!

    Well, most of us will still log in, tweak our builds, have fun, figure out what works, when, and why, learn to counter the counter measures, figure out how to make the build we want to play successful. And really, while you're fighting imaginary foes on the forums, we'll be in game having fun... and you know, still probably succeeding a good bit of the time.

    Seriously, we get what you're saying because we've heard it in every game for over a decade. Well, against a good pre-made, someday when pvp matters and people are serious, when you're CCed and focus-fired and everything you do is instantly countered... blah blah blah we'll all fail, etc, we get it.

    Thankfully, years ago most of us learned it's the player that makes the build, not the build that makes the player. And more importantly, most of us learned it's the player that also makes a build not successful, not the long list of phantom, on-paper monsters that can plague our pvp nightmares; or more likely plague the forums and be used to dismiss any and all soul-builds as completely useless (that aren't your own, of course).

    So, yeah, some of the builds people post are utterly idiotic and not very well thought out. Most builds are fine, though, and sure they can be dismissed on paper, with the help of a slew of what if's and declared a loser before the fight has ever started, but so can EVERY build imaginable. So what's the point, beside being contrary and terminally defeatist, in countering anything anyone has to say or post with these 'well, against suchandsuch...' arguments?

    It's great if you want to discuss a build's weaknesses and make suggestions how to compensate, etc. But just being dismissive all the time is as pointless as my plea for it to stop (Really, I know this is pointless. I'm being ironic, or something!).

    And yes, you can replace all the 'well, against a premade' or 'well, the pvp at launch' sort of arguments with 'well, against a good raid encounter' or 'well, come end-game' and it's the same futile shadow-boxing against imaginary foes that is the equivalent an in-door dog peeing on every tree as if it's actually controlling territory. Whether it's pvp or pve, it's pointless and all you're really doing is making yourselves look silly as you try to force out at least a little pee onto the 20th tree you've come across in an hour.

    Okay, so it's settled. People will still post their builds and discuss their merits. And sometimes the builds will be good, sometimes bad, but that will come out in the discussion. In the meantime, you'll all stop stop dismissing every build that isn't your own with things we all already know and understand and simply aren't soiling our drawers in fear over or sitting in the corner already defeated before the battle has even begun just because the calculations and what if's one makes can possibly lead to imminent doooom. DOOOM I SAY!

    Yeah, we get it, you have a 'oh yeah, well' argument to defeat any build posted. You don't need to keep posting your dismissals. We get what you're saying. We just know it's pointless drivel, and don't care.

    Thank you.

    Seriously, some of these folks remind me of playing as a kid, when you'd pretend shoot your buddy and he'd refuse to die because oh yeah, well I had a shield up and my gun shoots faster than yours and so anytime you shoot I block it and shoot faster and that's why I win always because your imaginary gun-play isn't as good because no matter what you say I'll come up with a new 'oh yeah, well' to counter it until you quite because you're no longer having fun which is fine I'll just play by myself as that means I totally won and I win and I'm a winner and if I keep saying that and keep one-upping everyone and keep thinking that then it's totally true and hey, where'd everyone go? Why doesn't anyone want to play?
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    I don't see the problem. There's nothing you can do about it, if ya don't like it don't post builds.
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