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Thread: Soul Suggestion: WHAT YOU THINK?

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    Default Soul Suggestion: WHAT YOU THINK?

    Monk (Cleric)

    Monks are righteous warriors who defend the weak with their mighty staff. They do not dwelve in the world of magic however they do find spiritual peace in meditation. Their abilities in defense and sacrifice makes them a mighty ally on the field of battle.


    Monks use their staffs to parry incoming attacks and perform devastating blows. Their attacks have longer range then normal melee strikes and their parrying ability is unrivaled. They use meditation techniques to change their status and give themselves special benefits.


    Monks use a lot of meditation in battle. This is when they are at their weakest. Even though they gain a lot of armor and resistance when they are meditating, they can be interrupted and will suffer an unbalance which lowers their evasion significantly for a short period of time.

    Monk History

    In the fields of freemarch, multiple rifts opened at the same time. The Guardians formed to defend the land and close the rifts but things quickly got out of hand.

    “We cannot hold our lines against these demons.” Cried the Commander. “Our paladins have all fallen and our justicars barely hold the ground….”

    As all seemed lost, a soldier shouted , “ Look, another invasion group approaches from the south!”

    The Commander spoke, “ We have nothing left to throw at them, Die a good death men.”

    As the group came closer it was evident all was lost. The Guardians slowly started to fall back. The invaders are close…..

    “Wait a second” exclaimed the Commander. “Those are humans! Are they reinforcement?”

    The Rifts shower demons at the Guardians and another Justicar falls….”Soldiers!” cried the invaders. “We are Monks of the Southern Cross” We have been sent to wipe this land of impurities”.

    “We are in need of serious help because we don’t have the man power to push the enemy back enough to close the rifts.”

    “Leave that to us!” said the Monks with confidence unrivaled.

    The monks only numbered three yet they dove infront of the infantry in due haste. The demons attacked them in fury as the Monks simply stood their ground. The commander looked on in confusion as the Monks were not fighting back.

    The Monks struck a standing prayer pose and started meditating. Their concentration was so strong that enemy attacks barely effected them at all. The area around them started to glows and as the enemy started to swarm and completely engulf the monks….

    “Ki!!!!” screamed the Monks as you saw their giant staffs swing around tossing demons in every direction. The Guardians watched in disbelief as their commander yells “ FOLLOW THE MONKS, OUR NEW CHAMPIONS!”

    The monks started moving forward cracking the skulls of enemy demon that came near. A rift demon lord charged the center Monk with a mace the size of three men. He raised it as high as he could. No man would be able to block an attack of that force…..

    As the hammer falls the monk stiffens his stance…The hammer get met half way down with a vicious sideways swing from the Monk. The attack swung wide and the Demon Lord was left open. Without losing the momentum of the high impact parry, the monk continued his spin and backslapped his staff to the backside of the Demon Lord. His Neck was broken instantly and he was left their twitching on the floor, not dead, but not alive.

    The demons started losing their morale after seeing this and the Guardians never felt stronger. One of the assassins got over zealous and ended up ten feet too far from therest of the group. The enemy thought they could take his life with long range projectiles until one of the Monks quickly dove toward the assassin and knocked all the shots out of the sky.

    “This is madness” Cried the demon commander……..”Retreat”

    The enemy withdrew as quickly as possible and the Monks stopped about half of them from ever seeing another day. The Guardians knowing nothing of such warriors praised the Monks and gave them honored status in their military.

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    I was kinda hoping for a martial style cleric and a melee style mage but oh well can't get everything i suppose.

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    a monk that uses mail armor... I think they are usually a cloth class which would mean mage. Clerics already have a tanking spec and they don't need two plus there are so many damn class combinations you would think that people would be happy with the HUNDREDS of combinations possible right now.

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