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Thread: Any Chance of Reavers and Warlords becoming Tank Souls again?

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    Default Any Chance of Reavers and Warlords becoming Tank Souls again?

    Since I have stayed away from Rift since these souls were turned from Tanks into DPS/Support, I am unaware of the current developer's feelings on changes/updates. Have they shown themselves willing to do something like revert a previous change? Do I have hope, or should I just stop checking back occasionally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sphen View Post
    stop checking back occasionally?
    is unfortunately the correct answer.
    Quote Originally Posted by AnneBonny View Post
    We still want to give you a small hint: communication, support and entertainment are our three main concerns and you can count on some changes and improvements in this direction.
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    No, there is no chance.
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