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Thread: Assassin, Riftstalker, NIghtblade & Blade Dancer. What's the difference?

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    Default Assassin, Riftstalker, NIghtblade & Blade Dancer. What's the difference?

    I'm brand new to Rift, and confused on making a melee rogue. Can someone please explain to me te difference between Assassin, Riftstalker, NIghtblade & Blade Dancer? I want to have perma stealth as soon as possible so an assassin base is what I need to start with since the others don't have that do they? Which other subclass should I branch out to if pvp is my main goal?

    And please no one suggest marksman, as that does not interest me, no matter how overpowered it is atm.

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    Riftstalker is a tanking class. If you want to tank or more survivability take that.

    Nightblade has ranged skills. If you need additional ranged skills take that.

    Bladedancer is a melee class with bother offensive and defensive abilities so should be a good complement to assassin.

    It really depends on what you feel you're missing on your assassin and are trying to gain with your others. Do you need more survivability? Do you need more dps? Does more dps mean you need extra attacks or something to make your attacks more powerful? Do you need a way to do ranged damage? etc.
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    Assassin -- > highest physical dps

    Nightblade -- > elemental / ranged dps

    Riftstalker -- > tank / mobility

    Bladedancer -- > avoidance / physical dps / short-term buffs (Basically "light melee" soul - or combat rogue from WoW)

    With that said, realistically in beta you'll mostly be spreading your points over two classes, theres generally not enough points to splash into third soul. So don't get stuck in a mindset that assassin is a must have for melee dps. Perma stealth is nice, but other classes offer nice substitutes. If you've never played WAR, where all stealth was of limited duration, 30 seconds is quite enough to line up a lot of damage on someone - especially in small sized warfronts.

    Nightblade delivers its damage from 20 yards, including stealth attacks. Bladedancer has a 15s cooldown charge that clears your CC and roots the target.

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