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Thread: SO what's the plan for class balance?

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    Thumbs down SO what's the plan for class balance?

    These broken builds that cause a single ability to do 50-85 percent of your total damage are just ridiculous. Will you take a look at class balance and make some balance passes for the love of God.
    With all the available souls, there should be more than a single combination that actually yields results.

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    I agree. Playing a primalist who's damage is based off fury blast and only having viable dps specs around that ability and scything strike sucks. I miss when full dervish was a thing. I enjoyed using both whirlwind and earthfall. I also play warrior and miss my many paragon hybrids. I predict class balance will happen when and if the next expansion releases and eternal weapons phase out.

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    Going to say there isn't one. Classes and souls have never been balanced in Rift. Not when Trion owned it and it was still being developed and i think most certainly not now that it's in basic maintenance milk it til it's not cash worthy mode. Gamino is not a game developer in the traditional sense. It does not have an aggressive business model that would be required for such changes to be made. So we'll probably be stuck with unbalanced and completely useless souls until Rift population disappears to shut it down level.

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