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Thread: Rift Class Tier List

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    Default Rift Class Tier List

    Barabbas class tier list PVE/Tiny mention of PVP

    Overall Class Tier List:

    Golden Gate Games tier/Top tier: You want these in your raid.


    Top 3 tank.

    Best mobility for tank,

    Best healing while tanking with cadence spam.

    Top 3 dps

    Best defensive support hybrid healer.

    Top 3 ST healer with physician also with a 30sec Prevent death CD. Like a much better Sentinel.

    PVP note: Very strong in pvp as earrings do not scale. Strong options for builds in pvp.

    Cons-A lot of useless dps souls. Little flexibility with builds. More cookie cutter than most classes.


    Top 3 tank

    Best ST dps

    2nd offensive support

    A support hybrid build that increases raid dps while doing strong dps at the same time while stacking with Archon/BM. Required for optimal raids.

    Strong raid healer with huge over healing when trying for it.

    PVP note: Very strong in pvp as earrings do not scale. Best healer in pvp hands down.

    Cons---Hard to play optimally dps with little cleave besides a one minute CD. Dps,tanking and support are strong enough to pretty much have the class locked into those roles unless there is a surplus of primalists or tanks etc. Lower tier ST heals.


    Best offensive support.

    Stong dps with cleave and is skill dependent.

    Best dps for Pure healer, brez etc, even without doing Chlorolock etc.

    Best overall raid healer.

    Best offensive support with heals.

    Archon is pretty much required for raids.

    Top 3 ST healer. Like a much better Puri.

    Best overall healing class.

    One of the most fun and fastest moving souls Mystic Archer for open world content also strongest soul for low level.

    Cons-----Not a good tank. Hardest to play class optimally. Mystic archer is useless for group and raid content at max level.

    Gamigo Tier/Middle Tier:


    Best ST healer with a dmg link.

    Best tank healer while being totally mobile and providing some dps.

    Top 3 dps and has cleave,

    Top 3 raid healer.

    For undergeared players, 4 points into warchanter can allow huge self healing unrivaled by any class for only 4 points. Making this class easily one of the must durable.

    Lots of decent dmg builds compared to the other classes.

    One of the few classes with a feign death.

    PVP note: Very strong in pvp as earrings do not scale. Warlord is strong and flexible for pvp.

    Cons ----One of the worst tanks despite being warrior. Melee only support with a pet that feels tacked on. Currently best dps build requires you to get an Offhand item from TD Normal, which is often only ran for that so can be tough for most players.

    Wheelchair tier/Trion tier:


    Best tank. Highest aggro gain, ease of play etc.

    Best dps while tanking.

    Best defensive hybrid support dps. Orafiler is basically the only one until some rogue tries for it.

    2nd best defensive support hybrid healer.

    A lot of varied builds from people trying to make cleric work better than they do.

    Cons---Worst ST healer despite being called cleric. Least flexible dps class and it shows when there is a lot of target switching. I.E. Look at Inq target switching on Titan X trash compared to Marksman. Raid heals not the best despite being cleric and also more difficult to play than the others as you have to balance a lot of HoTs. Tons of useless souls. Unless you are tanking, often times you will have to work harder than your fellow raiders. Almost every role other than tank with defiler debuff and wardocle when there is no Tact/Bard (Excluding orafiler, defihealer because most raids don't want to use them/don't need to) can be done by another class better than cleric.

    Top 3 souls/builds for raiding
    Cleric- inquisitor, warden/oracle, justicar
    Warrior- linkchanter, Liberator, riftblade
    Mage- Chloro, elem/pyro, Archon and it's variants
    Rogue- 61Nightblade, Bard/tact, Riftstalker
    Prim- PL/Vulc, Pseudo support, Titan

    Worst souls at max level with filled tree
    Cleric- Runeshaper
    Warrior- Champion
    Mage- mystic archer
    Rogue- Shadeborn
    Primalist- Predator

    Tank Tier list

    Battle rez, best aoe dps while providing some healing. Highest aggro generation.


    Best aoe healing while tanking. Lowers enemies chance to hit. Most fun tank with teleports. Strong aoe dps when trying for it. A lot of CDs.


    Gives raid 5% crit. Decent healing from essence strike. Most CDs are pure damage reduction which is better for the under geared tank. E.g. 20% damage reduced vs absorb shield. Flexibility to get more healing but has to sacrifice points into other souls. Extremely easy to play.

    Tied last. Warrior- Hey I can tank.
    Tied last. Mage- I can tank as well.

    Single Target DPS-

    1.Primalist- PrimalLord/Vulcanist

    Raw dmg increase from talents and abilities give this build an extremely high dmg potential. Minor cleave with 1minute CD that has to be timed exactly. Difficult to play optimally bc of RNG involved with Legendary Scything Strike. Can be optimal at ranged. Other builds worth noting: Melee PL and 28 Vulc.

    2. Rogue- Nightblade

    Amazing cleave. Strong dps. Some ranged. No problems with disconnect. Other builds worth noting: Marksman

    3. Warrior- Riftblade

    Best with Dual wield, which is crazy as all of the other builds for warrior are best with the 2hd eternal. Strong dps and has the potential to be top dps depending on encounter. Mix of ranged and a tiny bit of melee.

    4. Mage- Elem/Pyro

    Strong burst and cleave. A skilled mage can easily be top dps with this. Has varied builds to either focus on ST dps or AoE. Other builds worth nothing: Pyro and warlock.

    5. Cleric- Inquisitor

    Strong ST dps. Plays like a weaker marksman with more DoTs and no cleave. Very bursty with a 2min CD. Other builds worth nothing: Shaman, melee only, and Druidalist which is ranged but less total dmg than the other two.

    Offensive Support


    By far the best support soul. This is so flexible because you can be a raid healer with chlorochon, St healing with FKChon or ST dps with Metachon. Which is Archon with warlock.

    2. Primalist- Mystic:

    There is some flexibility here but mainly mystic provides support with strong ranged dps.

    3. Warrior-Beastmaster:

    BM is good but it requires melee and that can be an issue. It has a wider range of CDs than the others. Offering both offensive and defensive CDs. Easier to play than the other 2 and still offering a lot of support and decent dps.

    Defensive support hybrid with healing:

    Most raids will not use a full defensive type support role. Like full oracle for example. Which is exceptionally weak but oracle's dmg boost CD includes a prevent death buff that lasts 8 seconds. So instead they utilize hybrid defensive support classes with healing or dps.


    The strongest hybrid healer because it offers more dps which is easily done while healing, easily applied raid HOTs, double aoe cleanse, st cleanse and brez.

    2. Cleric-Warden/oracle:

    This build is strong and can be used in place of a Tact/bard but it takes a lot more effort on the part of the cleric and thereby opening the window for mistakes. It does ok dps but you are not able to damage and heal at the same time so it falls behind the Tact/bard. However it's burst healing is strong but then mana becomes and issue. Double cleanse, st cleanse and Brez still. This build is still a must learn for clerics and there is a tiny bit of room for customization of the build.

    3. Cleric-Defihealer, defiler/oracle/justicar:

    This is a great build to use when there is no defensive support buffs, cleansing isn't a huge issue and you need more dps/heals. This build will pull 400k dps 1million overhealing, while having an aoe cleanse. It does not have a ST cleanse or Brez but if those are not issues this build can save a raid's day.

    Defensive support hybrid with dps


    This is the only note worthy build for providing defensive support buffs and dpsing. It is strong and definitely worth learning for the utility.

    Single Target Healing

    1.Warrior - Linkchanter- Warlord/Warchanter

    Damage link. Moderate dps while healing, which in itself, is amazing. Defensive CDs for tank, strong St heals that can effect 2 targets and small aoe radius heals for those near by.

    2.Mage - Frost Keeper

    Strong ST heals with some damage and shields. Surprisingly good Raid heals with the right setup as most mage builds with chloro off soul. Highly recommend mages learn Frostkeeper.

    3.Rogue - Physician

    Tough to put this soul third bc of Life insurance but bc of lack of utility I feel it's a little worse than the top two. HPS is strong and the strongest prevent death CD in the game.

    If you can't use the above then there are these 3 souls left lol.
    4. Primalist- Preserver
    5. Cleric- Sent and Puri- Hurts me to put puri so low. It was my favorite healer in Nightmare Tide.

    Raid heals, based on total healing and usefulness.

    Constant strong raid heals. Besides a few abilities, this requires enemies to be present to keep healing at it's highest levels. But because of that, it's dps as a pure healer is higher than the others.

    2. Liberator
    Easy to play raid heals with shielding.

    3. Farseer
    Harder to play than the easier heals but extreme burst with CDs.

    4. Tact/bard
    Easy to play and provides support buffs.

    5. Warden
    Debately hardest to play raid healer with multiple HoTs, heals over time, to keep up deliberately. Strong burst but mana will be something you need to learn to constantly manage more so than other classes. When you get good with it, resource management becomes less of an issue but the others above never have to worry about it. Higher total heals per second than Tact/bard as full warden but still weaker over all.

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    Thanks for reading this and playing Rift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barabbas View Post
    Also didn't proof read this and just posting it as is for now.
    That is always a bad idea. Always. If you want anyone to take a post like this seriously, always proofread it to make sure you didn't make any stupid mistakes. And explain more WHY you made this list and what it's for.

    As it is now, this is just a rant that shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone.

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    Thanks for your comment. This list is a way to condense info for new players, specifically more hardcore types, to make it easier on which class to play and work to end game with. I will update this sometime with more elaboration. I like the balance in the game currently and I know it is a difficult task to do, especially with legendary abilities, but this list gives people an idea of what to expect from each class at end game. Note that all classes are useful and at least one of each class is optimal for raids.

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