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Thread: Prime: Need some help picking a class with Easy macro Tanking/Leveling

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    Default Prime: Need some help picking a class with Easy macro Tanking/Leveling

    Been playing on prime a bit and before I get to far I wanna make sure I am picking the right class.

    This is what I am looking for.

    I want to main a tank but would like one that is mostly a 1-2 button macro. Using my defensive and such I have no problem micro managing them but I am not looking for a tank class where I have to store up combo points and spend them at certain times to maximize my build. I rather play where I can watch the fight then have to stare at my combo bar. With that...what tank builds that are group/raid viable have that? I am pretty sure mage tank allows this but what of rogue/warrior or cleric?

    The second part is I would also like a leveling dps spec to go with the class. Once that is also 1-2 button macro. Prefer this spec to be viable in groups ..maybe raid but I want to tank raids so not as important.

    If this is possible could anyone link some decent guilds on macros/builds that fits what I am looking for? I am interested in warrior because of the changes to them coming soon on Prime but I don't know where to start.


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    Default Which class for godmode?


    Currently and in the future(at level 70), no other class come close to the easy of use(one button specs) as rogues. The class is literally an "I win one button humping" class with the most dps hybrids available out of the entire class selection.

    Plain and simple, if you want a class as close to godmode then the choice is clear.

    From personal experience, I have played since beta and leveled all 5 classes to max level on live.

    On Prime server, I have leveled a warrior to cap with max geared pre-raid release and was forced to abandon him due to the abysmal dps balance and the propensity of Trion to make rogues mega-OP.

    I have abandon all hope of any semblance of balance and have joined the one button godmode class. My rogue is max level with some expert weapons/gears and there are no comparison as to how easy it is to play and excel.

    Leveling on my rogue was many times faster, grab 3 to 5 mobs and blow them up with ease and all from range. I was killing mobs 2 to 3 levels above me with zero problems and elites and names was a breeze as well.

    While leveling as a warrior, if i tried to take on 3 mobs at once, kiting was a must and it would depend on whether there was enough room to do so. Thus, the majority of the time was just slow killing which resulted in less exp and longer time to reach level cap.

    If you do choose warrior, one thing to mention is that all the balance adjustments so far has been targeted at melee only souls(paragon, riftblade, and champion). As a melee, many of the experts bosses are very unforgiving and you will be a liability to your group healer because the dps warrior generate is not worth a priority.

    As far as tanking, any tank souls would do but for raids the best mitigation tank would be primalist at level 70. Cleric tanks are decent for progression raid due to their ability to rez incombat and provide passive heals.

    Rogue tanks is known for mobility as they can port in and out with ease.

    Warriors have two tank souls to select from(paladin and void knight) but at level 70 when legendary weapon quests are introduced, warrior tanking lacks in that they are the only one unable to solo tank experts while the other tank classes will be able to do them without the need of a healer.

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    Thanks Del for the info.

    I've always liked the rogue but I feel I don't understand the 1 button combo options? When I played it before there are combo points and to maximize them you have to fill the combo points up before spending them. This seemed hard to do with a one button macro because it would spend it as soon as it became available?

    I can see it being more of an option for DPS but for tanking, how does this fair? Can you 1-2 button Rogue tanking? I remember where were a lot of buffs you had to keep up and I dont remember it being doable? Have any links to macros I could mess with?

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    One button refers to classes that are easier to play. The ideology stems from how classes evolved over time. Prior to the last expansion changes occurred to many classes that made it so some souls performed insanely well with 1-4 buttons but required you to spam 1 button for 80+% of the time. There were literally some classes that were 90%+ of time spamming 1 and could be played with 2 buttons etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delhnuad View Post
    I get the feeling you haven't played Prime in a while. Sab ate a HUGE nerf and warriors have been buffed in a giant way, with even more buffs on the Omega PTS. Rogues are doing okay now with tanking and BD, but they are a far cry from the godmode of earlier Prime.

    In regards to ease of tanking, we have a warrior tank who can set up an auto-clicker and go take a shower while we kill raid bosses. Granted, the number of bosses you can actually do that on is small, but my point should be clear.

    I guess the summary of all this is: There is no clear cut choice for class. Every class has a tank role that is better suited for different encounters. Don't ask to be spoonfed your choices, or you will only have regrets later on. Or just make an alt or two, and figure it out that way.
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