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Thread: Balance Idea's

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    Default Balance Idea's

    I just think the class balance could have been better implemented, currently rogues and clerics are on top while the other classes are shortly behind. Perhaps buff the other classes up to the rogues and clerics then see how it goes from there before nerfing anything. Making content harder for groups that can barely clear content won't help, making challenging content with competitive specs will help more.
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    I'm just so confused by this. These are your suggested outputs? Or whats current? Some of these peaks are already doable. And if it's suggested why is melee 300k more. No need for that large of a gap, particularly considering Rogues have incredible initial damage capabilities already. You'll have to explain further.

    Secondly you seem to have made a valiant effort here but it's clearly wasted. Trion seem to have a lot of difficulties with balance atm in terms of staff not actually being confident enough with the coding of the game to make any decent amendments. Hence none have been done on live. Why do you think they haven't already? They can't be bothered?
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