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Thread: Best Endgame Healer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jotunn View Post
    Seeing the numbers here, and some inside the game, kinda makes me wonder what happned with warrior heal output. Yes I know we probably have the most mitigation out of healers (and shielding perhaps?) but hps/ohps seems way behind. Even though most of hps througoutput in these examples turn out beeing ohps i recon, but still .

    Or could be I'm just not that great a healer

    And oh, what the hell happened with the long promissed heal/tank ballancing .
    in terms of APS, Phystact does a bit higher than Liberator (from PT and from what I've been seeing throughout all contents so far). HPS is about same as Phystact's, but Phystact does higher HPS because it passively does about 80k-100k HPS to tank, but for raid heals, they are basically same. If you include mitigation, I'd say they're equally as good. Minus not being able to deal DPS while healing. I'd say all the Rogue healing builds out there are already being restricted, you can say neutral and requires some attention while playing in order to succeed in raids.

    But right now people are discussing sheer HPS output which neglect all those important elements for raiding that raid healers might be able to provide(like fanfares/5%attributes/motifs/shields/mitigation/mobility/crit/AOE debuffs etc..), then yea. Warden<Chloromancer<Farseer are the three outliers at the moment, not quite sure about 7th upgrade eternal yet. But I am definitely positive that it's a huge pump for Chloromancer. I've seen Farseer did about 300k-400k HPS just to the tank and another 1.X mil HPS among other 9 targets (lulz), which is like 200-300% better than everything else. (Imagine if tank only has 400k HP, tank's HP won't ever drop, same goes to the teammates)
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