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    TL;DR - Looking for class that can pew pew cast solo and win, role 2 for group content and easy to manage, role 3 something to play around on but not die at a lot..maybe some but not a lot just for fun. Pick what I enjoy doesn't work because I don't know! Need options please!

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this. I have came back from a long hiatus again. New souls, a new class, newer content, new fun to be had.

    I know every class can do every role. Some souls though aren't top tier but then you are told to play what you like. What if you aren't sure what you like any more though? That's me. I have no clue what I like right now. It's a bit frustrating when all you want to do is relax and enjoy the game when you don't have much free time to spare every day to play anyways.

    I know what I plan on doing in the game though. At least what I hope to do in this game. I'm probably going to be mostly solo. Running IAs, taking down those rifts, farming materials, leveling professions. Hopefully even get into some dungeons now and then. I want to be able to do open world content without having to worry about anything taking me down all the time and be able to get into group content when I can.

    So, seeing that any class can do any role, be that dps, tank, heal or support, its not really about the class exactly. It's about their souls. Which one would offer a variety of good souls, new or old ones, that would keep me from becoming bored or frustrated? Which souls aren't complicated but have good survivability to do anything I want solo and also be good inside a dungeon or the IAs? The mages harbinger? The warrior's reaver? Rogues tactician perhaps? And how would you play it?

    So many choices, which is why I'm hoping you, the community, can help me or even just tell me out right, what to pick why and even how to play it. I'm just a fellow gamer who doesn't have much time to keep reading up on things and trying to make sense of it all.
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