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Thread: Are Sins good dps?

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    Default Are Sins good dps?

    I was doing an IA and was fighting the boss Murdanix. After the fight, someone posted a damage meter.
    I was very low on that rating
    My toon was level 33, All points into Sin, with the remaining points into BD. Phys was the 3rd soul, with no points.
    I'm just wondering if it was my fault, or if Sin just isn't good for IA dps.

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    You're level 33.

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    A level 33, even when sidekicked to 65, cannot be meaningfully compared to a level 70, even when mentored to 65.
    At 70, Assassin is currently very good DPS. Once you hit 70 you can start comparing.
    At level 33 - who knows?
    Assassin is good to level with because of stealth and its self-heal options.
    Also, specs don't start mattering at all until 48-50 when you move to Storm Legion quests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forbiddenlake View Post
    At level 33 - who knows?
    For ST dps probably anything with sab offsouls for Frag Bomb + Detonate, even after it got nerfed its still stupidly strong.

    I still recommend Bladedancer for anything solo however (4 points in tact offsoul), though i've no idea how well it performs now since the Bladedancer buffs in 4.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzito View Post
    its actually 4 buttons. Let me know when you learn how to rogue

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