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Thread: returning, need some info on current healer standards?

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    Default returning, need some info on current healer standards?

    So been away for a couple years and left right around late 2015 or so. Pretty far behind in the current meta and looking for a speed up

    I use to run 2 healers.

    Mage tank heals: chloro/archon/warlock
    Cleric raid heals: warden/druid/purifier

    Just wondering if there are new combos I should learn, or if my old setups are still raid viable and need tweaking to newer standards, that kind of thing?

    Thank you in advance for any help and assistance.

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    I main mage and haven't done cleric healing in over a year, so I can only possibly help with mage.

    FIrst, it'll come down to what souls you have access to. I have all the souls and get them as soon as they're released, so I've not had to come up with any fallback builds.

    This is the current chloro build. It uses both harbinger and frostkeeper (purchased souls) as sub souls.

    A more in-depth guide to one of the ways to play the build is located here:

    (Neither of those were created by me. All credit goes towards the OP of the linked thread.)

    As I'm currently at work I can't access my FK build, or any of my weird chloro off-shoot builds, which are situational and probably wouldn't be super helpful.

    I prefer chloro over FK for both tank healing and raid healing because of the versatility and playstyle.

    That build/guide should get you back on your feet mage healing until you're confident enough to tweak things so that they more fit your playstyle.
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    Comprehensive information about cleric healing can be found here:

    I would go for a warden for raid heals and a sentinel for tank heals.

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