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Thread: What Are Some Good Base Game DOT's Classes

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    Default What Are Some Good Base Game DOT's Classes


    I recently tried out the defiler cleric class along with another soul forgot the name but starts with C and one of the first skills is like a chain and its aoe.

    Anyways I'm looking for a base game class with good dots and can spread them, maybe one with some heals.


    What's a good aoe damage classing, range or melee and can survive good?

    Just trying to find a class that I will like and want to main, I did like the new class with that soul that starts with D, tried berserker and typhoon. Didn't really like them of im only level 18.

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    Sounds like you are looking for Warlock in the Mage class.

    Regarding DoTs and spreading them around:
    - Legendary Void Barrage Applies all known death-based DoTs (Which is the majority of DoTs used by Warlock)
    - Persist refresh any existing death-based DoTs
    - Radiate Death spread fresh version of certain DoTs (3 of them + a debuff) to 2 enemies close to the target of Radiate Death
    - DoTs can be applied on a 1 second Global Cooldown
    - Salvage Death and Deathly Palm allows to consume your death-based DoTs and apply them on another target (or the same target) as fresh version of the consumed DoTs. See it as a Cut and Paste manipulation except the timer is resetted to full for the DoTs.
    - Level 62 Mastery allows for one of your DoT (Dark Touch) to also applied a second DoT as well as a debuff, making Warlock the fastest applying DoT class in the game when combined with Legendary Void Barrage and reduced GCD

    Regarding survivability:
    - Draining Bolt heals you for up to 50% of your total health on a 30 seconds CD.
    - Mortality heals you for ~10% of your health per enemy you hit around you for the duration of its 6s channel on a 1 minute CD.
    - Neddra's Essence reduces the damage you take by 80% for 7 seconds on a 2 minutes CD.
    - Life Leech (1 of Warlock's DoT) heals the Warlock for a % of max health on each tick.
    - Warlock Armor deal damage and restore health upon getting attacked

    It doesn't have the highest self-sustain but it can easily do any 1 or 2 man content all by itself without fear to die.

    Regarding AoE however, the only soul that has somewhat AoE DoTs is cabalist from Cleric but you said you already tried it.
    Saboteur also has some decent damage over time attacks but they are mostly ground based abilities.

    Warlock is meant for small fights, between 1 and 3 targets, anything above they can't do much more than they already can with 3 targets, they can however easily kill the vast majority of monsters in open world by applying all DoTs and leaving them to die from the damage while focusing on others.
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