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Thread: Suggestion about Soul/Class Balancing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artewig View Post
    I will say that I had ~20 consistently used builds during Nightmare Tide, then again, I don't really pvp anymore and I had a bunch of pvp builds in NT.
    I mean i had 3 or more variants of both ST and AOE healing souls, depending on what i needed, 7 support specs, 2 tank specs and the rest were dps.

    Now i effectively use 5 specs in total, but that's mostly down to the reduced healing requirements and difficulty of raids and dungeons, plus those broken souls which are a lot of work for minimal (or worse) return.

    I mean rather than tuning that ability or the encounters it seems that its sometimes preferred to just completely change them into a far less useful form to balance out the overall numbers, then time passes along with a few changes elsewhere and you're left with a under-performing more or less useless soul.

    I mean if they could rollback some souls to NMT that in itself seems like less work, then start tuning the encounters like they should have done.

    But as mentioned before, balancing has gone out the window for a while and this is down to this massive raft of changes... I think they could fix it eventually...

    What's required to fix it?
    Time and people.
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    The issues of balancing are manifold but i dont see them in having Hybrids.
    Hybrids are like endangered species anyway, you hardly see them anymore.

    The real issue are the Callings.
    They once had a purpose but completely lost it beside generating money (Primalist).
    The only thing they do is giving slightly different playstyles on specs that fulfil the same role.
    If calling A gets a new feature all the other callings demand the same.

    This kills diversity!

    Just think why there arent specs with long cast times/no mobility or melee specs without range skills?
    You cant have them when you need to make sure to give each calling the same sets of features.
    There is alot of competition going on between callings which demand for that.
    Then we have OP specs, which stay way too long thereby creating alot of frustration to all who are not playing the same calling at that time.

    Last but not least more balancing have to be done, balancing within a calling and balancing around callings.

    Since Callings are like Hybrids which are the holy Grail of Rift, i not even try to argue to get rid of them.
    Probably the only way to solve all these issues would be the ability to switch callings like you switch roles (souls) on the fly.

    Suddenly everyone could play the OP Spec without having frustration,
    it would be possible to create new niche specs like mentioned before (long cast times/no mobility).
    There would be alot more diversity and freedom of choice,
    callings not need to perform similar, they could have a true purpose again.
    The frustation and anger between players of different callings would be a thing of the past.

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    if people want it to be more balanced out better

    why not do like how path of exile does their skill tree's? but instead of making it so ridiculously massive and overwhelming looking like path of exiles' version....

    you could:

    use the gear upgrade path system that's available already in game. but instead of the upgrade being for gear. you can pick along the paths you like (like masteries)


    balance out every classes choices in a way that regardless of the choices anyone makes. they will not be say 20k+ damage over someone who decided to be a different class/soul.
    you'd most likely have a lot more choices with this being spread open. the souls will all still be there of course. but done in such a way to not be a serious advantage over someone elses build. ?

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