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Thread: The Outdated Souls

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    Default The Outdated Souls

    Quote Originally Posted by berbash View Post
    i wish if devs focus on souls and soul balance around like 61s (neglect and nerf OP hybrids) cuz you know they're gonna be game breaking or causing bad souls to exist .

    i really don't mind hybrids BUUUT i think we have a fair amount of neglected souls do to taking the possible OP hybrids into consideration (just making assumptions) .

    i like rift cuz it lets you be a melee/range/tank/heals/support all in one character which is so good (most games wont let you do that btw) and im sure i'll be upset if one of my parts was bad (none competitive) .
    i realized this should be a thread of its own lol , reply with your own list of (none competitive) souls and why you think they ended up like that and how you would like them to be .

    my personal opinion is : if the soul's not competitive as a 61 its bad and by competitive i mean end game raids at least (i would say raids & pvp but that's too much to ask) .

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    All the weird classes (my favorite ones) seem to be behind-

    Dominator, because disruption and general chaos is harder to balance than just dps levels. (At this point the debuffs are just ignored and nuked through and useless).

    Druid because it was attempted to be remade into a shaman, taking away all the "druid" stuff. I want to see going the opposite direction of nature's conduit... the pets should be SIGNIFICANT... just just a weird buff.

    Necromancer seems to be falling behind, even thouh I still like it. I'm OK with it being behind elementalist damage... it should be. But it's utility isn't that great to make up for the loss. The zealot doesn't seem to really be worth using in any context.

    Defiler got a dps buff, for sure... but it seems just like a worlock clone now, imo. Tracking a bunch of DoTs is less fun. And I'm not a fan of how the husk of indifference was reworked. Proccing off heals made it easier to keep up... now that it's proccing off of a DoT that doesn't fit in any macros, it's more combersome.
    (One good thing though I love the death beacon still.... never take that from me. It's useless in pvp and raids, but let me have this for slaughtering food in PVE. )
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    From a rogue POV these are the Outcast/Outsider Souls:
    (aside from now rogues having the lowest dps out there regardless of what you play)

    Bard... which has become incredibly underwhelming in terms of both damage and healing and overall use (no raids, no need for it in SPE/NTEs). The legendary skills mess up the whole rotation and are terrible since day one. What might have been among the most fun to play souls out there has become a joke.

    Saboteur is even worse - slow start (by the time you setup your... dont laugh - Stickies... everything has been slaughtered by superior in terms of speed AEs), overall the soul is worse then it was before its total rehaul.

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