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Thread: What would you like to see in the next Rift future? (constructive topic)

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    Default What would you like to see in the next Rift future? (constructive topic)

    Hi there. Being sure the devs are reading this, with new expansion incoming, what would you feel to ask to the devs as an important thing to focus on, about general guidelines?

    personally, playing from launch, i saw the game go in the direction that every calling is capable of doing almost anything (tank / dps / support / heal). and this is probably fun and pretty unique around many MMOs.
    but i really feel that we've lost variety of playstyles and REALISM along the way...
    in my opinion you should choice the calling that suits the most your personal playstyle, i explain better:
    - range distances should be more consistent: for example, rogues playing ranged should not be able to hit targets directly in front of them but there should be at least a 3m minimum range for using bows/rifles (once this was live and very realistic, and you had to use your brain to maintain the range or use melee blows from subsouls in case of need)
    - armor value should be more consistent: a warrior playing melee is ridiculously squishy exactly like a mage or any other calling... classes wearing plate armor should be more resistant to damage and more likely melee masters - on the other hand mages and rogues for example should be even more squishy, it's up to their skill to keep enemies in range
    - more realistic resources management: have you ever played a mage? mages are missing a more consistent mana management - they have always their mana at FULL, it never drops or almost. mana should be used like an armor: should you fail to keep your enemies at distance -> mana armor can save you for some seconds, draining your mana instead of your life!
    - the mana cap at 17K is terrible. to see and to understand. should be removed and abilities scaled, or eventually transformed into a mere %

    i know these are little things only, but they could give the game more taste and personalization, i hope you understand what i mean. nowadays rift has become incredibly FLAT. all the things with the same taste, the long may tire out

    words to you
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