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Thread: Good Tankable Class with Lots of Motion?

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    Question Good Tankable Class with Lots of Motion?

    Returning player here after an extremely long hiatus. Looking to try the game with a new character, but with time and patches, I doubt things are the way I left them. Looking for advice!

    I enjoy classes with some movement where possible; I remember it was fun to run my saboteur in circles while dropping bombs/caltrops to defeat them without being hit, and I know Rangers can kite. That being said, I primarily want to tank and perhaps heal, as well (mostly 5 man but an option for raids would be great!)

    To the kind players of Rift, does this sound like any particular class or build to you? Motion is a big plus for soloing but I definitely want to be viable in healing or tanking roles, as well. I don't mind different specs for different purposes but I want to make sure I choose the best class for the play styles I enjoy.

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    All tanks are 99% mobile. Paladin just got a stand-still channel and it was notable for being rare.
    Healers are far more restricted. They all do best when standing still but all do have things they can do while moving.
    Most melee DPS specs are 99% mobile. Most ranged DPS specs are (loosely) 50% mobile, and the more mobile, the less DPS usually. For example Ranger is 99% mobile but does less DPS than Marksman which is like 75% mobile.
    Beastmaster, bard and oracle support specs are 99% mobile. Archon support is either 99% (Harbchon, melee) or 50% (58 Archon, ranged)
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    I think what you're looking for is rogue. Riftstalker has multiple teleport abilities that allow for a level of tank motion I haven't found in any other class or mmo for that matter. When I was maining rogue as a raid tank that was the most appealing part - using the teleports to manipulate bosses, pick up adds, and for fight mechanics added another level of planning to tanking and made it a lot more fun for me.

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    Riftstalker is very mobile, as you have multiple ports in order to move from one mob to the other. Stick with rogue, since it seems that is what you have played before anyway.

    Warriors are very mobile as well, and their healing is quite good, if you have the two paid-for souls, Liberator, and Warchanter.
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    Agreed with the previous posts about Riftstalker but for the sake of completion and future readers:

    If you own the Primalist soul pick up Titan. It's a lot of fun.

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