Hello Folks,

I am making a return to rift after a year or two away... Back at launch I was a single guy, with no responsibilities except going to work. Fast forward to November, 2015- I now am engaged and have two Children (two boys, 5 mos and a year and a half). Id like to return to the game to relax and have some fun whenever I may find the time. I can roughly play a mere 5-8 hours per week utilizing evenings when the kids are asleep (if they cooperate). With this being said, I need to really focus on one single character, and one calling (I am notoriously indecisive). With this, I could really use some help from the community...

In general, my time will be spent solo or doing instant adventures. I also have an interest in some pvp and dimensions, crafting, etc. I am looking for a strong solo class...That's easy and relaxing to play. I have an interest in Bard and Necromancer in particular. Both were strong soloists back in the day, but I am unsure about now. I also am interested in the new calling...Regardless, I am open to any and all suggestions!