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Thread: Coming from Everquest 2

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    Default Coming from Everquest 2

    Hi all,

    Coming from Everquest 2 where I played a Coercer/Illusionist (and further back, the original EQ as an Enchanter), what class would I like? I see Dominator (mage calling?) has some crowd control, but not a whole lot. What about true support abilities? Buffing others, returning MP, debuffing enemies, etc? Any help one what to try out would be appreciated. Tried to get into this game before as a Stormcaller (I think that's what it was called...mage class with lightning and air?), didn't feel right. I would prefer true support, thanks.


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    When you roll a class each class has x number of souls, from those souls you can do roles...and nothing can stop you having 20 different roles example. It also means almost every class have some kind of dps,aoe dps,healing,tanking and support soul which they can switch from to another in few seconds. Ofc each have their own strong points and weak points.
    If you are looking support soul. Then there is Archon variants from Mage, Bard from Rogue, Beastmaster from Warrior and Defiler from Cleric is a bit like support soul too.
    Stormcaller is range aoe dps soul, it would do very bad in single target dps situation.
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    I would try a dominator. It is a mage soul with alot of controls over mobs/ players (SQUIRRELS!) There is no charm like the coercer but there is a pet like ability similar to the illusionist that spawns multiple pet mobs for a short duration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nowe View Post
    I see Dominator (mage calling?) has some crowd control, but not a whole lot.

    Be an effective Dominator in PvP, and soon enough people will know you by name and will do everything they can to burn you down to the ground.
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    Just play a mage and look at all the souls.. EQ2 was amazing and I think you will find the mage the closest to what you are accustomed to. You can setup a variety of specs for one character so I am sure you will find one enticing !
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    I came here from EQ2 as well back in February. For "support"-like roles, the Rogue Bard and Tactician has very support-like features. Not much in terms of debuffs, but a number of ways to buff your group. They can also do a fair amount of dps in their own right.

    The Tactician is a soul that must be purchased - it's not a standard soul.

    I think the Cleric Shaman has wards (like EQ2), but also can debuff mobs fairly well. Anyways, hello and welcome to Rift.

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