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Thread: Some questions about Classes

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    Default Some questions about Classes

    Hey there!

    I'm new to Rift and tried some classes (didn't got to higher Level, because i'm trying to find the class i like)

    So here are my Questions :

    Is Rouge a valid Healer? (I love Healing or just Supporting in Raids and Dungeons)
    Or would you recommend me another Class?
    And i like to farm / grind for hours, so a bit Damage would be nice to have. (I've got no Problem to need ~30-50sec's to kill one mob, it's just annoying sometimes)

    And the most imporant question : Is the Rouge challenging?
    I don't want a press 2 Buttons every x Seconds Class..

    Or should i go for Mage instead?
    Same Questions as above

    Overall : Which is the most challenging Class which do good (if you know how to play it) in Solo / Raid Content?

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    1. For rogue to be a good healer, you, first of all, need Physician soul which comes in the dream soul pack. If you have it, yes, rogue is a totally viable healer, being one of the best ST healers and PhysTact hybrid being a pretty good aoe healer. Bard for supporting is also one of the best out there.
    2. Nightblade DPS is, again, one of the best specs for damage atm. And it is definitely not an "ez pz" soul, takes some time to learn. Even after understanding it's not even close to just 3 buttons. As rogue you also got stealth spec (assassin), aoedps (TactMan and Saboteur), kind of a solo spec (Ranger) etc.
    So if you liked rogue I suggest sticking to it as it's tons of fun and it can do anything. Oh, did I mention the teleporting tank? Haha
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    Every calling is more than viable in some situation or other.

    As for variety/difficulty, warriors are probably currently on the bottom of the pile for both. That might well change soon though.

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