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Thread: Help me pick my class

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    Default Help me pick my class

    So I'm considering returning to the game after a long break. Last I played, Hammerknell was the end-game and it hadn't been released all that long. Funnily enough, at the point I consider returning it apears to be the end-game once again

    Anyhow, I played a Warrior in the past and did like it a lot. Looking in the changes since then, I'm not sure I like the direction the class has gone in since those days, when I play a Warrior I want to stand toe-to-toe whilst adapting to each encounter to maximise my uptime and dps output as a result, I don't like the idea of standing 25-30m or whatever it is as this "new" Reaver ranged spec and playing more akin to a DoT class, I'm not saying this is a bad thing it's just not what I want from the Warrior class personally.

    Having said that, the melee Soul's do still interest me I'm just not sold on the idea of playing one once again given the above. This has left me pondering what class I'd want to play if I do pick it up again and I'd appreciate advice based on my preferences, I'm unable to judge accurately when being out of the loop for so long...

    In general, I'm not really interested in tanking and only somewhat in healing; I don't mind the odd healing when required but my absolute main interest and what I excel at is the DPS role. I prefer to melee, though it's not a necessity, just as mentioned before something just doesn't feel right to me being a ranged Warrior.

    I probably wouldn't play a Cleric, given they're more centered around Healing and I'd only be wanting to do that on occasion, I'm not too knowledgeable on Rogues nowadays though I've never been a fan of grenades/bombs/bows/guns so it probably isn't the class for me either.

    Unless I'm missing something with Cleric/Rogue/Warrior the last option is the Mage, which in the past was largely pushed into the Healing role which puts me off that, I don't know if that's still the case though! I also do not like the idea of a Mage tanking, or tanking at all for that matter as said before. The (new?) Harbinger Soul does look interesting I have to admit.

    As for what content I'd be interested in - Raiding (casually at first, though if I get back into it properly I'd be in to progression raiding), PvP (no idea what state that's in nowadays), solo capability (I've always been a fan of pushing the limits solo, be it for example soloing group encounters, old raids, and just being efficient at grinding endgame for currency and world drops)

    Thanks in advance \o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Afran View Post

    I'm not too knowledgeable on Rogues nowadays though I've never been a fan of grenades/bombs/bows/guns so it probably isn't the class for me either
    Rogues Top dps speccs are melee speccs , or melee/range hybrid.
    You can play 61sin , nb/sin or 61nb and if there is really no opportunity for playing melee there is marksman.

    Otherwise storm-harb is a great melee specc, if you wanna play mage.

    For cleric it would be shaman but i guess inq pulls the same dps with 35m range.


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    Harbinger is awesome and currently on works to make it a raid viable dos. Problem is that it's the only mage non tank melee soul. You can hybrid in but it is either the same gameplay or different gameplay with less dps. Still one of my favorite souls in the game.

    Warrior has only 2 viable melee souls right now: paragon and champion. Paragon does less DPs than reaver and champion is aoe.

    Cleric has 2 non tank dps souls: druid and shaman. Shaman is kinda on par with inquisitor, and druid is a low dps soloing oriented pet spec.

    Rogue has assassin which is really good dps, nightblade which is good dps with great cleave, bladedancer which has great aoe burst but lacks sustained (aoe soul),and nb/sin which is rogue's top dps spec.

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