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Thread: New Player looking for advice

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    Default New Player looking for advice

    Hello All, I'm pretty new to Rift having recently left WoW for good because, well, it gets old after playing since BC. I was wondering if I could get some help with a few things. I've leveled a mage to 24 but I'm using a premade noob class and am wondering if this is the right way to go. I noticed there are a lot of different choices. What I'm looking for is preferably a range class (although i don't mind playing melee) that has decent dps that i can level and do dungeons. I understand that I will need more than one soul to raid and do quests at end game but i really don't want it to feel like i have to learn 2 classes on one toon. I've read that MM rogue is the best dps for hunter style rogue classes and Pyro is the best for mage.... is this true? could someone please provide me with a lvling/and or raid build that would be competitive for either? Also...which one has better mobility and I guess easier because I'm at 24 now and have noticed I have quite a few buttons as it is let alone when I get to 65. I would appreciate all the help I can get.... it's weird being a noob again lol
    Also on a side note.... are there any good warrior dps builds? or are they primarily a tank class?

    thanks folks!

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    All classes can do all things, more or less. You can tank with any class, heal with any class, support with any class, DPS with any class (ranged or melee).

    So... play what you like.

    As for play style, warriors and rogues "feel" more similar to each other, and mages and clerics feel more similar to each other. At least to me.

    The reason is that warriors and rogues tend to work around builders and finishers, more or less. So it's some combinations of "builder, builder, builder, finisher". That's a simplification, but that's generally the deal with rogue and warrior DPS. Neither is "better" than the other, or more mobile, or anything like that. And if you really got into the nuances today and made a choice around one vs. the other chances are it would be different by the time you're raiding and actually care. Class tweaking and rebalancing happens a fair amount.

    Mage and cleric DPS "feel" tends to work more around ability prioritizations. Like you use skill X when it's off cooldown, and when it's not you use Y if that's ready, and if that's not either you go to Z.

    A lot of people would say warrior DPS tends to be the most mindless, which is certainly true with the current top warrior DPS build (Reaver). That hasn't always been the case, though, and I wouldn't count on it being the case forever.

    Honestly, pick a class and just roll with it.

    With all of that said, I'm talking specifically about endgame stuff. When you're leveling it's equally easy to solo open world content with any class. There are different "leveling builds" for all the classes, and you'll want to use different macros for them to avoid having 30 different skills bound to different keys. You might have to search around a little on the class specific forums for leveling builds, or ask the question there, because you don't really see much of that discussion on these forums anymore.

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