Group responsibility
Hey everyone! I know there is already multiple of these threads, and certains are already locked. I have myself play it a tank in these lately years only,
and still i keep
only a average tank while i have compared to other players in a games wich i have play it. Some (rare onces) i see them to be good onces.
After reading some of them and commnents on them also i just got feel that i would
wanna awnser on this kind of a thread also. I respect all of them.

Expectations from a roles wich i believe they are and i am expecting as a tank.
Tanks: Knowing everything. (hehe just kidding).
- Personally yes they should know what is going on and when. While doing a dungeon/raid with a others, or at least have done some research for it.
- Knowing wich target should mark if its necessery. Mean that in a party there are unexperienced dps,support,healer players.
- Controlling a mobs/holding a aggro/interrupts a certain casts from a mobs.
- Minimaze a damage taken as possible.
- Guide a others if its need it. This also means others have to listen if a group itself have given a picture that a tank(or someone else in other situation)
has to tell something wich you should know.

Healer: ( i just love them all! Because these little friends are fixing everyonces
mistakes ..either is it a small onces and a little bit wich would have been avoid for sure).
- Cleaning,shielding and healing, and if a free time do a damage.
( Any unnessery overheals wich require a time should be use to damage, rather then trying to get hundreds of thousands overheal wich doesnt help
actually at all anyone).
- Avoid unnessery heavy damage taken if possible.

DPS: (a good/experienced dps is a good friend as a healer)
- Any average of above of them should already know as much or at least have done research like a tank and a healer. I dont see really excuse not to have
anyone to check out a videos or read how a mechanisms works in certain bosses etc .. It just pure lazyness and negligence.
Because they contribution will determite as much as any other who have select a role for a party.
- As above average or better they should know already wich to kill first and so on if its required for it.
- Avoid unnessery heavy damage taking.
- Know mechanism if its really required.
- Be smart and dont panic.
- Do damage, but dont tunnel vision it.

- Pretty as above, damage, avoid unnessery damage, know mechanism. Do research etc...
- Support with your abilities. (its harder to support in best correct times without teamspeak or so).

Thanks for reading and i may have forgot something. Some basics things should be known already. Smart conversations and advises/hints and tips are always welcome.

Goodluck on everyonces journey.