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Thread: I know, another "What Class" thread >.> Healer edition!

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    Default I know, another "What Class" thread >.> Healer edition!

    So I played Rift for awhile back at release, and off and on throughout the years. Now I've usually played Chloro this whole time, and dabbled with the cleric. I have all the souls in the game, and I'm curious if I should just stick with Chloro from 60-65, or play my cleric, or even level a rogue with my friends?

    I love to PVE, dungeons, raids and we PVP seldom. The things that are important to me, isn't to be the most overpowered, but I do want to be able to carry pugs, and be wanted for raids. I've just been reading that Mages aren't what they used to be.

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    Cleric. Easy heal specs while having the strongest heals and always being able tof ill a healing niche.
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    If you want to Cary pugs, you'll probably want purifier shields.

    Chloros can do ok at carrying undergeared tanks once they get some gear, but with 0 shields, they can't prevent damage like clerics and rogues can. If you don't mind roughing it out, I did enjoy leveling my mage up healing. But I've seen clerics take 95k hp tanks through experts, whereas I doubt a Mage could do that.
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    Clerics are the best class to pick if you are going to main a healer simply because you have many options that can cover all situations with a simple role switch.

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    - Chloro has been the staple of every healing comp for every raid fight for over four years. Anyone who tells you otherwise is bad, full stop.
    - Chloro is less amazing in small-group content, partly because dungeons are tuned around Purifier (see below).
    - Chloro is much less amazing in PvP, especially if you don't raid for gear.
    - Chloro remains, by far, the most fun healing soul to play; it's also the most difficult to master. Because of its difficulty, a lot of people are really bad at it, and so a false impression has spread that it's inferior, especially among players who use the LFG tool a lot.

    Chloro isn't going anywhere. It remains the highest single-target raw healing soul in the game, making it ideal to pair with Purifier for tank healing in raids. It's second only to Liberator for sustained AOE healing output, but Liberator does 0 DPS, and the difference is fairly marginal.

    Looking at Clerics:

    - Purifier is broken overpowered. Everything is easy with Puri, and it's always going to be wanted for groups and raids because nothing can hold a candle to it for its function.
    - Some fights still use Defiler, but many don't, and really it's not there to heal anyway.
    - Sentinel remains mostly a PvP spec, partly thanks to broken Puri.
    - Warden is a niche spec and probably the worst-in-class for its role right now.
    - The level 65 Mastery "Divine Favour" is a large part of why Clerics are so good and makes Cleric healing appropriate for ages 3 and up. Basically, every time you cast a single-target heal, it heals 4 people with no player input whatsoever. Fun, huh?

    Hope that helps. (Full disclosure: yes, I main Chloro.)
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