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Thread: Return Player - Looking for Advice

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    Default Return Player - Looking for Advice

    Hey all. Returning after a few years away. Starting 100% fresh here. So I'm looking for advice on the classes and roles since it looks like many things have changed. Going to be taking my time and exploring everything. Stick my nose into every little crack and crevice I can find. Gotta find those shinys ya know!

    Not looking to/for - heal, tank, melee in group content, complicated rotations, endless set of macros,

    I am looking to/for - dps, some support, ranged in group content (probably 5 man content only, no raids), solo rifts and probably some other content I've missed.

    Pets are either a take em or leave em thing for me. Doesn't really matter which.
    I'm fine with being either ranged or melee when out by myself.

    What are all of my options that fits the above?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully send some advice my way!

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    well with the two soul packs all callings do all the jobs so you can actually pick what ever you like and be able to range DPS but...

    ranged with mobility try cleric inquisitor.
    I have also had pretty good luck with rouges they can be a little complex sometimes but have some good abilites and great range plus stealth.
    warriors seem simple on the surface very little in the way of macros but they are mostly melee range, tempest and reaver can do some distance
    mage does some great damage. most is at range they can melee but are best at ranged DPS. they can be a glass cannon though so you will most likely have to run a pet to level up.

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