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Thread: looking for a tanking class ?

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    Default looking for a tanking class ?

    After a brief try at healing, I've decided to go back to my normal gameplay in MMOs, tanking.

    I have zero experiance as a rift tank and I'm wondering if their is 1 of them who has utility ?

    I like it when a tank can do a few things outside of soaking damage. Spot healing, curing, CC, pulling etc.

    Rift have some variety or its all about beeing a meat shield ?

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    Each tank has some utility.

    Void Knight has debiliates, a purge, a self-cleanse, and the ability to pull in enemies. It also has an AoE cleanse/purge on a 2-minute cooldown.

    Paladin has some stuns and Life's Rapture.

    Justicar has a stun, some AoE heals (most of which are passively procced from the normal rotation), and a battle rez.

    Riftstalker has extremely high mobility and a raid cooldown.

    Arbiter has a stun, some pulls, a debilitate, and Crystalline Shield (which can be placed on other raid members).

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