this may have been suggested before but i cant seem to find it, but here goes.

would it be possible to get a range added to the AoE healing and damaging abilities to show their radius from either you or your target (if its targeted) even if its in the description of the tooltip. now the majority of the AoE heals are 30-35m but there are some that have different ranges. now for some of us long term players we assume this range but for newer players they wont know.

for example why is an AoE cleanse at 20m compared to my heals at 35m? but there is nothing on the Tooltip to suggest this unless you test it. same can be said for Monsoon/ripple which have a shorter range than my Cataract or Effusion but i have to guess and test it to find out.

another example is the healing procs from Pool of Restoration, the initial cast is 35m but what about the healing triggers for the 3 targets near them? how close does the stacking need to be in order for it to be useful? is it worth casting when the raid is spread out?

now obviously from my examples i am a Cleric but im sure other clases are in the same situation (i.e. Flourish for Chloros?).

there are alot of tooltips in this game that says "upto x nearby allies/enemies" with no clue as to the range they have to be within to benefit from the effect. each class has passives in some of their soul tree's that increase the radius of your AoE damage/healing abilities by a small amount but if you dont know the initial range how can i tell how useful the increase is? surely it cant take too long to add a single line of text to all AoE healing and DPS abilities. all that would be needed is;

"heals/damages/cleanses allies/enemies upto x meters from you/your target",

or in the case of PoR - "applies pool of restoration to upto 10 party or raid members within 35m. for each ally affected, restores x to x health to upto 3 party or raid members within 5m of them"

not a major issue i know but something that im sure most people would agree is helpful and good to know.

TL;DR - please add range/radius to AoE healing and damaging abilities.