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    I am returning to Rift to play the new expansion and had a quick question... When I played last Arbiter was brand new, how are they now? I am debating using my boost on my mage or cleric because I have heard Cleric tanks are pretty strong at the moment. Which one of these classes would you guys suggest for tanking/solo leveling?

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    Cleric and Mage tanks as far as I understand are both in a good spot right now. Granted you have to pay for the Mage tank.

    Usually I would recommend Warrior to you as they have the most Tanking souls but since that is a at a total # of 2 and their support class is less than worthless...... If you don't mind buying the soul pack Mage is probably in your best interest currently.

    You get a great healing soul that HIGHLY needed, a Tank soul, and many DPS souls to choose from as well as support souls.

    You have 2 pet classes both with make soloing a breeze.

    Cleric I would only recommend if your into Healing as we have 4 healing souls.(1 has to be bought)
    Sure we have a Tank soul and 2 DPS souls, Pet soul (DPSish) and a support soul(have to pay for).

    Your probably better off with Mage.
    Though all can be said for Rogue as well. Don't have to pay for the tank soul and theres lots a DPS souls to choose from as well as a support soul.

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