Basic stuff really. I diverted some points from Caba to Warden.


Solo everything . Use either of Satyrs-Destroyer preferably. Gentle River is so nice. If doing some hard stuff, use Protector. Easy and direct


It is kinda slow, but it soloes EVERYTHING. It's at least up to par with the Druid above. You use Faerie Healer and have awesome healing. What can I say?


Your single target skills alternate between Icy Blow and Strike of Judgement. Has quite nice AoE, nice survivability, mobility etc. It's as close to real Water build as I can get <3



Betcha you didn't expect to see Dominator here, have you? Well, never fear ;) ! This should take care of most situations that occur in the game. Quite nice AoE, awesome burst etc.


The catch here is that you don't use the tank pet(s). You use DPS ones rather. It speeds up things noticably. Tank pets are used only for soloing hard content. Beyond that, is quite basic.


Pretty basic.



The best 1v1 solo build I could find. The dmg is quite spectacular. Fun.


Both AoE and ST! Quite durable as well as mobile. Healing and CC only rounds up this build. Surprisingly effective.


Feel free to call me stupid, Muspel ! I actually edited your build :O . How dare I?


Ignore the bard. I didn't know what else to put there, so I put it there. This is quite aoe heavy, but mobility is awesome!


More tech version of Bard above. More AoE focused as well. Very mobile.


I was stuck figuring how to get free easy + dmg(previously I used Bladedancer instead of Bard) and then found out about the bard. Plus, you get added ranged abilities as well as (some) healing.



The best DoT build, if you ask me. It's quick and unbelievably quick. Libe is taken only because of precasted self heal, but you could put up to 4 points into it. Up to your preference.


NO Warlord for you! That soul just annoys me. Besides, this fits my character better(you'll see 2 more versions of kinda this). Besides...


As I said... ;) . This is the single target version of the above. More...rhytmic as well.


Feel free to sacrifice that 1 point from BM to RB if the difference of 15% ms doesn't annoy you. Otherwise, leave it as is. Up to you and up to encounters. For hard stuff I'd take Blade, Call otherwise.


Ranged, mobile build with added survivability. Quite basic.

Void Knight:

Yes, even VK is here. Quite crazy, no? Anyhow, this is the dps tank. It isn't as immortal as justicar above, nut has more dmg. Moves more quickly as well. Quite fun!

So, what do you think of my builds? Am I crazy? Or plain bored? Any and all criticisms as well as compliments are welcome(especially from you Muspel! ).