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Thread: To macro or not?

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    Default To macro or not?

    I returned to Rift after a year layoff. My one level 50 is a rogue and I have created several macros listed in the Rogue's Bible thread. After running several expert dungeons with a ranger primary spec, I am mainly just pushing two buttons with an occasional third one thrown in for AOEs. I am doing well in terms of how much DPS I am putting out but its pretty boring just pushing the same few buttons over and over again.

    I've played MMOs for years and have seen both extremes like in EQ2 where you have a gazillion buttons to push and most recently SWTOR and Tera where there are a lot of abilitiy buttons to select from. I've not played any other Rift class past 10 so was curious to know if warrior, mage or cleric are also macro-friendly or are those classes more complex and difficult to play than the rogue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vutaikthp View Post
    mage or cleric are also macro-friendly or are those classes more complex and difficult to play than the rogue?
    Hmm, on my level 40 Cabalist, I have:
    - 22 actionbar button-abilities,
    - 4 of them are macroesed
    - regularly I use these 4 macroses and 6 more abilities

    On level 59 Pyro, I have:
    - 29 actionbar abilities,
    - 3 of them are macrosed.
    - regularly I use 2 macroses and 14 more abilities

    But eventually I will macro every single offensive ability, to at least:
    cast [alt] ability2
    cast [ctrl] @focus ability2
    cast [shift] @focus ability1
    cast ability1

    So a question arrises: what do you mean under macro-friendly?
    - v1. reducing number of used buttons/hotkeys (which by the way reduces your control over the character)
    - v2. posibility to add extra functionality (like having different targets/spells depending on the modifiers)
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    The rotation doesn't have 14 abilities used so I have no idea what you are doing. Don't count cooldowns and utility abilities.

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    It varies based on soul, not calling. There's a one-button Saboteur spec. Then there's Bladedancer.

    "For starters, you need to put every Bladedancer ability on your action bars except for Keen Strike, Deadly Strike, and Reprisal." - Muspel's guide

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