Been trying to find a good build for rogue class, normally I like playing a Sin with MM and Riftstalker. But I wasn't sure if I can take down a cleric with all that healing going on. So now I trying out a Cleric and see how effective it is. Note this is for pvp situations or Seastone PvP. The reasons I like playing a sin, they can hide forever and like using MM in some situations, it have good get away speed, while Rift can teleport and having buffs on defensive.

I just experiment a Cleric build, believe I have druid as secondary, Sential and forgot what the third one was. So I want to focus on healing, having a pet as well res someone when they die.

I also noticed that each souls has benefits, like +1% damage each skill points and does it stack up with other soul's skills too? For example having Assassin and MM, some skill points I spent give you extra damage and wondering if that stack up during the fight. It can get confusing here and not know what you are doing or how to build your roles.