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Thread: Other class souls similar to Tactician

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    Default Other class souls similar to Tactician

    So, I have a 58 tac rogue that I am having tremendous fun with.

    What I am asking is if there is any other classes with ranged forward facing insta-cast completely mobile AoE cone channels, so damage is only done in front of the player and not all round?

    If there isnt, I think it should be a thought for Kervik on a mage soul or one of the cleric souls, as to me, it makes openworld levelling and mob pulls tremendous fun.

    Its amazing being able to drop a necrotic core then pull 5 mobs to you doing equal damage to all at the same time, and be almost able to kill them all before they really reach you.

    I wish defiler/cabalist/inq had something like this, as to mix it with shaman for when they do reach you means that you can then melee them to finish off. Also, its a thought that the defiler beacon could act in a similar manner to the cores, maybe make it adaptable between doing healing or DPS rather than just a threat/tank device.

    The Tactician is a completely unique soul, and I can see why some people dont play it, as I believe that it lacks ST damage builders for when you do want to snipe off one enemy at a time. Mind you, my personal variation on TacMan works very well as a build for levelling and questing, being able to mix the channels with the marks sniping, and using RS as an 8 point soul for boosted recovery and a 2 ability melee damage if they do get too close.
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    (First off, Tactician torrents are not a cone, they are a 6 meter by 20 meter rectangle.)

    Anyways, to answer the question in the thread title... not really, no. There are a handful of frontal cone abilities in various souls, but they either have cooldowns or are extremely weak (or both).

    Off the top of my head, there's:
    • Crossfire (in Marksman) - Does very low damage and has a cooldown. Is only useful for the knockback.
    • Mass Blood Transfusion (in Physician) - Does very, VERY low damage.
    • Hundred Blades (in Bladedancer) - Has a 30-second cooldown.
    • Storm Torrent (in Tempest) - Has a cooldown.
    • Mass Oppression (in Liberator) - Does very low damage. And like Tactician torrents, this one is a rectangle, not a cone.
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    Yeah, tactician is one of my favorites. Although there isn't a soul that work like it, you should pair it with Sab. With real big mobs, and taking a few seconds to place all your beacons of death. Toss some bombage, then hit them with the infernal/glacial for some nasty work.

    I pair the above with ranger, when I need a tank to take the aggro/threat, and pick off the stragglers with my rifle.

    Either way, I agree with you. A mage power that works like TAC would be awesome.

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