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Thread: Nightmare Tide new soul abilities

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    Default Nightmare Tide new soul abilities

    It's been reported the Souls we have now will be expanded further up to 66 points and will get at least one new ability. To counteract the issue of button bloat, in Storm Legion we also lost a number of abilities that weren't really necessary.

    However, I still haven't seen anything reported from PTS as far as what the 66 point abilities will be, what (if any) abilities souls will no longer have, or what else might be changing. Yet, they've already done some major changes to many Souls pre-expansion, such as Stormcaller.

    So do you think that, unlike in the transition to 2.0, the Souls will pretty much stay the same as they are now? Or is Mastery really the main addition?
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    There is no soul point extension.
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    we are not getting soul tree increases. instead we are getting Mastery points which are spent in their own "Tree like" UI alongside your current souls. these will be setup per role and can be adjusted at anytime out of combat without the need for a trainer or a "reset". we still have no hard information about what these are other than what people were able to read on one interview where it was very blurry and still WIP.

    Im sure Trion will give us some info closer to the launch date...right?

    p.s. you may see some soul revamps for 3.0 to fit the new mastery system although I expect some will have to wait till after launch issues have been resolved.

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    I'm not sure where you heard this but it's false. We are getting the Mastery system for the soul trees, but no one really knows what that is outside of beta.

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