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Thread: I've been gone for a few month's now. Is there anything new for open world PvP?

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    Default I've been gone for a few month's now. Is there anything new for open world PvP?

    Hi, everyone! It's me Acidfix. You know me as either the Master Assassin, Physician, or Tacta-Bard from Warfronts and mainly Open World PVP.

    It has been a while since I've last logged on because my guild left for Archeage but now that we have done that we don't play anything because the GM does not like anything but MMO's and doesn't have a newer GPU.

    What happened was I built a new PC since I wanted to get better FPS in game. I had a very dated system. Intel Core2Quad at 3Ghz 4GB of DDR2 Ram and AMD HD 6950 2GB. I found fast that Rift is all about you're CPU because going from a 6 year old CPU/Ram and almost 5 year old GPU I was able to play much better. Warfront lag was no longer a issue and it made the game much more fun to play. But then the guild started getting sick of Warfronts and the fact of no open world PVP and if you did find some it would be the same people you fought every day.

    So I built a new PC to play the game our guild was playing better. Then the guild died about 4 to 5 week's later... It sucked and the three core members along with maybe 2 other members started playing Minecraft and other game's I did not want to play just because I now had a PC that could play any game at Ultra with full AA/AF/FXAA.

    So after building a new PC and playing Rift for about a month and having a good time. My PC did not really see much gaming at all. Then Sniper Elite 3 was released and I loved the game but it is very hard to find full servers in that game even though there are at least 300 servers that I could see that I had a OK ping on. So I play that for a while.. Talk to the guild about getting that game and play it while we wait for Archeage.. No one get's it, older members want me back on Rift so I play a little bit once in a great while. Then months later being now I pick up BF4 about a month ago and I am loving the game.

    I felt it would be a great game for the guild to play while we wait and even after Archeage is released.. But they don't have the GPU's to play the game or put the effort into updating there drivers, ect. Though the GM does have a 8 or 9 year old GPU.

    I just think they should have bought the game anyway or upgrade there GPU since the system they have is fine.

    Back on topic. I was just wondering has anything changed in open world PvP I did try the new WF and I don't really like it much. But I didnt give it much time. And with Trion trying to get people to pay $150 bucks to play alpha while mean Archeage is already released and all it needed was the language translated and a few other thing's done.

    I'm not sure what's going on with Archeage but I already hate it, just because they are trying to make money on a finished game. They know there is no other game like it out right now so they can sit on it untill they feel one will come out soon like Black Desert. That game I will play for sure btw.

    I guess I just am pissed about people's greed with Archeage. $150 is asking wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much to play Alpha. It is also going to mess the game up once it's released because everyone that had a extra $150 to blow is now going to know the game inside and out and will know every good PvP area and all about beating other players. I understand it is pure GREED that is allowing this to happen. But still, it's so wrong as well. a 3 day headstart is one thing but to be able to play the game for all these months before it's release is some BS!

    I feel better, do you feel better? Good!

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    What did you have to eat? I had stuffed bell peppers but had to throw the fruit salad out as it was bad. I feel better now. Oh, it's dark outside right now.

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    Open world PvP? Ask in about another 3 years when Trion is struggling to keep their game relevant in a world with other F2P MMO options and their desperation drives them to actually devote some development resources to something other than repackaged promotional content.

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